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Computer programming is one of my greatest interest. Here, you can find some examples of the programs, that I developed during my studies, or just for fun.

The C/C++ is my favourite programming language, but it is not the unique programming language I learnt.

C++ Projects
The Mangrove TDS Library
This C++ library, designed during my PhD. studies, is focused on the fast design of the topological data structures, specialized for modeling cell and simplicial complexes (but not only), under the same API.

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  Download Mangrove TDS Library

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The C++ Examples Repository
This repository, hosted on the GitHub, contains several examples (of increasing complexity), regarding the beautiful C++ programming language.

Other Projects
In any case, I have experience also with other programming languages and third-party libraries. The knowledge of a person is never final, and anyone should never stop learning and gain further experience. I also desire and am ready to study and to experience new languages. Here, you find several examples of other programming languages, libraries, and programs, that I am experiencing and learning at the moment.
QT Logo
Examples about using the QT Library
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CMake Logo
Examples about using the CMake Building Tool
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Python Logo
Examples about the Python Programming Language
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OpenGL Logo
Examples about using the OpenGL Library
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C# Logo
Examples about the C# Programming Language
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Javascript Logo
Examples about the JavaScript Programming and Scripting Language
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